Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Antibacterial Soap
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  • Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Antibacterial Soap

Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Antibacterial Soap


Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Antibacterial Soap is made from only natural ingredients. Made with BIOCERA powders certified by FDA, USA

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* Contains antibacterial ingredients to protect skin from bacteria. 

* The rich bubble hydrogen improves skin's antioxidant, whitening and skin problems. 

* Removes sebum in pores and cleanses skin and keratin. 

* Skin barrier formed during cleansing helps skin become smooth.

Hydrogen increases regeneration effects of the body therefore increasing immunity, resistance and healing ability.

Features of Hydrogen Soap:

The natural hydrogen soap is processed using a special technology that incorporates hydrogen into a highly deodorizing soap material. The hydrogen is released when in contact with water during wash or bath and has excellent antioxidative effects. The benefits of using this soap are anti aging, skin soothing, cell rejuvenation, anti inflammatory and anti allergy effects.

Directions and Usage:

Lather in warm water and massage. Rinse thoroughly after that. Hydrogen contained in the soap reacts with water to form into fine bubbles. Massaging the skin with the soap bubbles allows for better absorption of hydrogen which provides antioxidation effect, activates the skin and improves skin elasticity. Nano bubbles of hydrogen cleanses waste on and in the skin thoroughly. The hydrogen bubbles can be used as foam cleansers and shaving cream. 

Skincare effects with all natural ingredients. Natural hydrogen soap has anti inflammatory effects. Prevents and soothes atopic dermatitis, athlete's foot, rashes, acne, eczema, bug bites etc

Benefits on skin after using Natural hydrogen soap: Decreases wrinkles, anti aging, whitening, moisturizing, elasticizing, soothing, cleansing sebum, sterilizing, anti oxidation effect ( anti aging )

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