V Biotic - Live Probiotics 2.5g x 30 sachets/box

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V Biotic is Live Probiotic. Heal your colon with good bacteria for a healthy digestive system.

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The Product 

V-Biotic Extract is manufactured by way of a natural fermentation process using a combination of over 80 fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seaweed. Combining elements from all areas of Mother Earth, the special fermentation process takes 3 years for the product to be ready for the consumer.

Higher Vibrations - During this time, great care is taken to ensure the product is of the highest vibration. Playing classical music into the fermentation room to raise the vibration of the product is just one of the ways they honor the sacred process of making a live probiotic. In the fermentation, microbes like lactic acid bacteria, yeast, molasses, and spring water from the mountains are used. In the end, the product becomes a paste that contains transformed enzymes, readily absorbable organic acids, organic minerals, and vitamins from these ingredients. The paste is a live product ready to harmonize with the body to regulate your intestinal health.




It is Not a Numbers Game

Probiotics have never been about numbers. In fact, many microbiologists and scientists say that when you put a large number of bacteria (probiotics) in the body, the body’s immediate response is to go on defense. With billions of centrifuge-powdered probiotics going into the system, the human body believes it is under attack. This is why V-Biotic Extract does not include numbers. It has live natural probiotics that have never been freeze-dried or centrifuged, so no damage is done to the probiotic strains. This ensures it can be absorbed into the body in harmony because the body sees it as a naturally occurring food source.  

Color Matters

Not all fermented pastes are created equal. It is sometimes said that fermented products of a darker color are better than that of a lighter color, but that is incorrect. V-Biotic Extract is unlike the others because it has a light brown color. In the case of vegetarian fermented probiotics, light brown color indicates freshness, good quality, and abundance of antioxidant substances in the product.

What are “Friendly Bacteria”?

Generally, lactic acid bacteria or friendly bacteria are widely used to ferment food because the bacteria do not cause the proteins to rot. Lactic acid bacteria solve saccharides (lactose, glucose, etc.) and form many kinds of lactic acid. A large amount of other organic acids—which have many great benefits for the body—are manufactured as byproducts at the same time.

The Benefits 

The following are scientifically proven facts of the benefits of lactic acid bacteria:

  • Control harmful bacteria and prevent feces in the intestines from rotting
  • Promote ideal bowel movement so that diarrhea and constipation are prevented
  • Produce bacteriocins that prevent infection from germs and viruses
  • Activate immunity cells and their functions
  • Increase absorption of vitamins and calcium into the body
  • Produce anti-tumor and anti-cancer agents, as well as block and excrete carcinogens out of the body
  • Reduce cholesterol in the blood so that diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles are prevented 

Our Use of Friendly Bacteria

Some selected strains of lactic acid bacteria are used for V-Biotic Extract. It was confirmed that the strains have a high resistance against acidity; therefore, the bacteria can survive in gastric juice and reach the intestinal tubes. The friendly bacteria multiply in the intestines and work to reduce harmful bacteria. As a result your natural immune system is activated at the same time, improving your body’s condition from the intestines outward.


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