Biocera Negative Ion Bracelet
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Biocera Negative Ion Bracelet


Biocera Negative Ion Bracelet

It has combined effects of negative ion, far infrared and extremely low undulating current (0.06mA), Negative Ion Bracelet maintains balance of ions in your body and promotes your metabolism when you wear it.

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Effect Of Negative Ion

When negative Ion contacts moisture, it discharges instantly. So water surrounding negative Ion can be easily electrolyzed. Water molecule (H2O) can be electrolyzed into hydrogen ion (H+) and hydroxide ion(OH-) At this time, hydrogen ion can be pulled by electrode (negative electrode), neutralized and become hydrogen gas after mixing with emitting electron, finally water becoming alkalized and be stable in a weak alkali state (ph7.5 -best state for the human body) Also hydroxide ion can be changed into hydro-kisil ion (negative ion; surface active material) by combination with surrounding water molecules.

Color Theraphy

ion bracelet pink color
Good for: Poverty of blood, asthma, constipation, heart
ion bracelet green color
Good for: stress, fatigue, recovery, liver
ion bracelet yellow color
Good for: stomach, diabetes, paralysis
ion bracelet skyblue color
Good for: bald head, insomnia, cataract
ion bracelet dark brown color
Dark Brown
Good for: anxiety, fatigue, migraine
ion bracelet blue color
Good for: ear disease, neck disease, a respiratory disease
ion bracelet real gold color
Real Gold
Good for: melancholia, epileptic, hands and feet paralysis 

Wear Stylish Bracelets That Can Energize And Improve Metabolism

Accessories add to the external beauty and look of anyone. But an accessory that not just makes one look stylish and elegant but also powers the body and boost metabolism is indeed a smart one in the making. Our Biocera negative ion bracelet is one such brilliant design that gives great looks and good health in one package. They come in different sizes and shapes for men and women separately. The men's bracelet contains 16 to 17 ceramic stone pieces and the women's one is slightly smaller with 15 stones. Both can come in multiple colors or in brown shades.

So, coming to the benefits of these energy balance bracelets, they keep the negative and positive ions in balance inside the body. As these stones are capable of radiating far infra red rays, the blood circulation, taste buds and body metabolism are intact. These stones also can control blood pressure and autonomic nerves.

These ion balance bracelets are made out of color beads that are authentic tourmaline which is an unique gem stone. These stones not just balance the ion content they also maintain the alkalinity of water and balance pH. Biocera ceramic ion bracelets are patented properties that are manufactured with great quality under supervised labs.

Another interesting fact associated with these ion bracelets is their color therapy concepts. Each stone can come in a variety of colors like pink, golden, green, brown, blue etc. Every color bracelet has a specific benefit related to health issues like pink ones are good for asthma, constipation and heart problems while the green bracelet can help with stress disorders, liver problems etc. The yellow ones can help improve diabetics and the sky blue for paralysis. Biocera ceramic ion bracelet is perfect for insomniacs. With so many useful features, these bracelets are two in one with style and health managed successfully. 

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Biocera Negative Ion Bracelet

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