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Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Stick

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Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Stick. Creating your Alkaline water while on the move.

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By using Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Stick, people can drink alkalized and ionized water, which restores human body's pH balance. The hydrogen stick changes water not by electrolyzing but by the method of natural reduced catalyst for the first time in the world. We create the alkaline water which is hydrogen reduced water and alkaline water generating anion. In addition, BIOCERA water detoxifies and super-hydrates one’s body. When you drink a glass of it, it begins to fight against various diseases, malignant matters which bring aging and oxygen free radical in our body. Not only can it substitute drinking water for medicine or hormone, but also it can intensify the effects of medicine and improve it. It seems to maintain the healthy life in order to prevent diseases.

Features And Benefits

  • - Composed of abundant active hydrogen which eliminates active oxygen
  • - Goes through antioxidant process with superior reducing power
  • - Improves the absorptive power with small water molecules and eliminates body wastes quickly
  • - Supplies mineral which helps to maintain the balance of metabolism
  • - Dissolves tea or coffee by breaking down water molecules
  • - Handy and can be used anywhere at anytime

How to use?

The Alkaline portable water stick is easy to use. The first step involves in cleansing the stick with clean water and rinsing it thoroughly. Secondly, fill the bottle with water and immerse the stick and after five to ten minutes, our master game changer mineral water stick has ionized water and made it mineral rich and also alkalized.

Visible benefits

Our Hydrogen stick detoxifies the body and flushes bad things out in no time. This alkalized water keeps one safe from life threatening diseases and aging woes. The abundant active hydrogen eliminates active oxygen free radical and keeps one safe from diseases like cancer, hormone imbalance etc. These handy hydrogen water sticks add supplementary minerals in the water and this helps one to fight disease causing germs with high immunity build up

Pure water a boon to health

While water itself has become the ninth wonder of the world, pure and alkalized water is the need of the hour. Our hydrogen water stick even outs one's constipation problem by helping one to increase metabolism and toxin flush rate. Our easy to carry and use stick has been thoroughly tested and approved to ionize water and get benefited. Though our stick looks small, it is the best and one of its kind./p>

With our affluent anti-oxidant alkaline stick in hand, it’s time to say “a stick in time saves nine” and celebrate life to the fullest.

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