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Thank you for visiting our online mall. We are delighted to have you here. We are Pregan Sdn Bhd, a Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Company that provides you a natural alternative to your daily essentials.


Why go natural? Going back to the ancient system of living, people consumed foods which had nutritional value and were unprocessed. As the adage goes, “Food is medicine” which implies that the food that one consumes, is not only meant to fuel, but also heal and nurture the body. Unfortunately, today’s fast-moving world inevitably leads us to consume food that has minimum nutritional value. To worsen our plight, modern farming and food processing methods produce harmful toxins that can be damaging to health. Urban living has created disease and disasters hence the need to go back to basics. However, consuming food in its most natural form with all its nutrients intact is almost impossible today. Thankfully, the crafting of all natural supplements makes the ingestion of all essential nutrients possible without any side effects.


Our humble beginnings date back to 25th September 2009 when our aim was to support our family and friends in their journeys to recovery from various health complications, the natural way. At that time, my wife Prema and I, Jagan were still employed, but that did not hold us back from our passion for educating our loved ones about natural living. Inspired by the positive results and feedback, we knew we had to share our knowledge and products with the world, and the best way to achieve that was to establish an online platform.

Today, www.preganmall.com brings to you an array of products ranging from Alkaline Water Systems and General Wellness to Skin and Haircare. The world is going through a rapid change. The demand for organic, natural and non-chemical products are increasing. Pregan aspires to be part of that change by adding value to you and your loved ones. This is our dream. A dream to create awareness among people to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, the natural way.

Pregan Sdn Bhd aspires to become bigger and better, making our products accessible to a wider audience and impacting more lives. Join our family and our mission by becoming a distributor in your local vicinity while making an income.

Growth cannot happen without the support of our well-wishers. Hence, your feedback and suggestions are welcome. We promise to give our very best to keep up with times while catering to your needs!


Happy Natural Shopping!